I am a 21 year old psychology college student trying to manage work, school, friends and family. I developed a passion for running, health, and fitness about 6 years ago and am still going strong. This past November I completed my first half marathon and have never felt something so phenomenal. I decided to start this blog because in the past few months I have been reading several blogs including my number one favorite Carrots N Cake with a close second being Kath eats. I am a huge college kid loser who’s number one main attraction everyday is to come home and read all the blogs, look for new recipes, and see all the cool restaurants everyone has been too. Although I am not a vegetarian or vegan I do not eat much meat but I do enjoy an occasional piece of grilled chicken or a wonderful hamburger.

Although I seem quite boring, which i basically am, I love love love spending time with my close friends, going  out to eat, drinking on the occasional weekend, peanut butter ( I want to try Barney Butter but I keep telling myself I am to poor), the beach, Flordia, anything involving the sun, dogs, and did I say the sun??? Not to mention my obsession with Trader Joe’s. My life goal is to one day own a Trader Joe’s but it probably won’t happen.

I am a true beach girl with greek roots and hope to attend graduate school in Flordia or Cali. in public health, I.O. psych, or Intergrated Health management. Any suggestions haha. Right now I am trying to balance a crazy school schedule, work (Bonefish Grill), and trying to stop stressing about life in general


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